CPSTD vs Janteloven

Read these common thoughts of a traumatized person. Now compare them to the ten rules of janteloven: The ten rules state: You're not to think you are anything special. You're not to think you are as good as we are. You're not to think you are smarter than we are. You're not to imagine yourself better than we are. You're not to think you know more than we do. You're not … Continue reading CPSTD vs Janteloven


Validation: too much of a good thing?

Validation is defined, in part, as: recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile. "they have exaggerated needs for acceptance and validation" Validation doesn't mean agreeing or approving. So what is validation? And why does everyone talk about it so much lately? This article lists the levels and … Continue reading Validation: too much of a good thing?